Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream.....

I had a dream early this morning that was interrupted twice and I went back to it both times. In my dream I was in the gym at St. Joan of Arc (where they have their "mass") and Archbishop Nienstedt was speaking about appropriate liturgy (yeah, appropriate) and then he called me up for something and I responded to him in Latin (yeah, REALLY weird)-everyone else was sitting. What was really odd was there were 3 priests off to the left of Archbishop Nienstedt. They were sitting together, in the plastic chairs they have at SJA, like the priests/deacons do at St. Agnes. The priest closest to the Archbishop in that cluster of 3 was Bishop Piche-which is odd because he'd usually be sitting alone as Bishop. The priest on the other side I could not make out. But, the priest in the middle was Father Z and he was smiling. All three priests had birettas on. Father Z had green vestment on for Ordinary Time.

The priest who sits in the middle is the celebrant which is usually the primary priest of a parish.

I was joking with Father Z when I met him that I'd pay real money to see him as priest of St. Joan of Arc. He laughed pretty heartily.


or is it??? Bwah-ha-ha!

Note: Vincenzo got his creative program on and imaged my dream. He put the dream in the Church itself; NOT the gym. The gym is where the main "masses" are held on Sunday. The Church is reserved for two brief family "masses" about 1/2 hour in to the main gym "mass" (yeah, I know). Anyway, I was going to ask V to change this image but then I realized that no way would Father Z allow a Mass to be in a gym when there is an actual Church! Also, I rememebered how much "levitating Jesus" still creeps me out. Ray would not list this, uh, crucifix among his favorites. The pagan broomstick cross in the gym is pretty bad too. I'm trying to think which is worse. Why am I rambling???

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Unknown said...

Does that shiny bald spot on the guy taking notes in the front row belong to moi?