Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three monkeys on the loose in Florida

BRONSON, Fla., March 29 (UPI) -- Sheriff's deputies in Florida are searching for three monkeys who've been spotted roaming near Williston, Fla.

The Levy County Sheriff's Office said residents in the area of County Road 318/335 reported seeing three monkeys Thursday and deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the animals.

Deputies, however, did discover a fence post with scratches believed to have been left by the monkeys and some hair that seems to have been shed by the animals.

Residents said the monkeys had discovered pet food in their carports and left huge messes.

The sheriff's office said Florida Fish & Wildlife officers have been informed of the situation and are expected to place traps for the monkeys.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Warrant: Wife brings out shotgun after man dumps dinner

By Claire Osborn

(The Statesman) Police have charged a Leander woman after they said she threatened her husband with a loaded shotgun for pouring the meal she made down the drain, according to an arrest warrant.

Melissa Leigh Migliore, 38, seen at right, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to an arrest warrant. Her husband, William Migliore, told police that he had been arguing with her while she was making dinner Tuesday at their house on Tablerock Circle in Leander, the warrant said.

He said he entered the bedroom where she was lying down and told her that he had poured the meal down the sink and that she owed him an apology, the warrant said.

A short time later, Melissa Migliore stepped out of the bedroom carrying a shotgun, walked down the hallway, loaded the gun and pointed it at him, according to the warrant. She told him he had 30 seconds to leave the house or she would shoot him, the warrant said...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pet Monkey Being Monitored After Biting Incident

(WYTV) A pet monkey accused of biting a clerk at Pet Supplies Plus store in Niles last week is in quarantine at its home and being monitored by city health officials.

Warren Deputy Health Commissioner Bob Pinti said the animal must remain in quarantine for 25 days and cannot leave the home unless it's to a licensed veterinarian.
Pinti said the clerk had to undergo treatment, and health officials want to make sure the monkey has no serious diseases.

"Very unusual," said Pinti. "As I say, it is the first time we have come across something like this. I don't know if any other health district that encountered any action like this, and I am sure there will be some precautions put in place so this never happens again."

Warren Law Director Greg Hicks said right now monkeys are not prohibited from being kept in the city. He said he is talking with state Rep. Sean O'Brien about looking at possible restrictions on housing monkeys as pets.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Giving sausage a face

Photo: DPA

A Berlin initiative is on a mission to revolutionise meat consumption. At Meine Kleine Farm, consumers can see a picture of the pig they're eating on the packaging. They can even choose which pig will be slaughtered to make their sausages. 

(The Local) “Pig 3” has become an online star. The sow was the winner of the latest Meine Kleine Farm Facebook competition. The prize? Slaughter.

Pig 3 met its fate on Friday in Brandenburg at farmer Bernd Schulz’s pig farm - its memory will live on in the form of pork products. The pig’s face will appear on the packaging of 250 glasses of Leberwurst, 50 cotechino or Schlackwurst (a type of boiled Italian sausage) and 25 Mettringe sausages, already promised to buyers over the online shop.

Meine Kleine Farm is the brainchild of Berlin student Denni Buchmann, who is on a mission to change the way consumers think about meat. He thinks people should eat less meat and show more respect to the animals.

Buchmann regularly selects and buys pigs from Schulz’s farm, photographs them and posts the photos online. Users can then vote on which pig looks most tasty. The winner is slaughtered and its photo appears on the products.

Germans get through an astonishing amount of pork, and consumption is rising. 60 million pigs were slaughtered in Germany last year and 5.6 million tons of pork products were manufactured, 100,000 tons more than in 2010.

Buchmann doesn’t want to make consumers feel bad about eating meat, but raise awareness about the lives of the animals. The pigs have a happy life on Schulz’s farm, running around in the open air, rooting around in mud and playing with the other pigs, Buchmann told the Tagesspiegel newspaper on Sunday.

Schulz, who owns around 300 pigs, gives his animals organic feed and raises them according to the principle of "animal welfare in harmony with nature," the motto printed on a sign hanging in Schulz's farmyard.

The concept is proving popular among consumers, who increasingly want to know where their meat has come from. Meine Kleine Farm now has over 800 fans on Facebook and business is picking up – products from "pig 4" and "pig 5", due to be slaughtered next month, have already sold out.