Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Great Pudding Pop Wars of 1982...

From Branded in the 80s:

"Thinking about some magical food moments from my past I can't help but immediately gravitate towards the splenderferious invention that graced America's freezers in 1982 (by my best educated guesstimates), the Pudding Pop.  Sure, there are other frozen treats that I love, Screwballs, Otter Pops, and Slurpees, but sucking on a pudding pop was like having a symphony in your mouth and it always played the theme to Star Wars.  Seriously though, there was something magical about the smooth, velvety texture of a good pudding pop that other treats (Fudgsicles and ice cream bars) just couldn't match..."


swissmiss said...

Heath Dilly Bars.

Vincenzo said...

I had never heard of those - just saw this at the DQ blog:

Suzy wrote:

"Why are they called dilly bars?

Also, I used to work at DQ and remember dipping dilly bars- chocolate and butterscotch; we also had pre-packaged chocolate mint. (I see there are also cherry and heath dilly bars, but we never had those.) I went to DQ today and expected the little trademark curl… but, sadly, they were pre-packaged. What’s the story with that??"

Carolyn K wrote:

"Hi, Suzy! Back in the mid-1950’s when Frank Moffet and Dean Mohler (co-inventors of the Dilly Bar) were testing the Dilly Bar product, one of the customers who were trying them said, “Boy, this thing is a dilly!” And that’s how the Dilly bar got its name. The Dilly Bar you purchased is a manufactured Dilly Bars. IDQ offers manufactured novelties for those Dairy Queen restaurants that do not have the space or the staff to make their own. Unfortunately, the manufacturing equipment is not able to duplicate the trademark curl on our Dilly Bars. There are positives, however, to the manufacturing process. We can offer our Dilly Bars in additional flavors, including Mint and no sugar added. I hope this helps!"