Sunday, August 1, 2010

Street Style: Catholic Edition

Deep Curtsy to LarryD who recently waded into the deep without a life jacket (Who needs one? He's got the Sacramentals!)with his post about proper attire, or lack therof, at Holy Mass.

Friends and the rest of you, many of you know that appropriate attire at Mass is a topic near and dear to my heart.I've ranted and cranked about it many times. I think I've heard just about every story there is. My all time favorite is: "What if someone is just passing by and decides to come back to the Lord?" Now, if that's true we should all give praise to God at this very minute because apparently 3/4 of the nave is full of poor souls who were just passing by the Church and suddenly decided to go to Mass! Thanks Be to Jesus!

Give me a break.

As I see the same folks week after week Mass after Mass pretty much wearing, really not wearing, the same summer "I'm heading to the bar-b-que/beach/lake after Mass" attire I'm not buying it.

Anyway, I want to introduce a new subject. Those of you who dress appropriately at Mass, what do you wear when you are not at Mass? Do you dress like a slut, a pimp, a slob as soon as Father is not looking? Be honest. How can people keep custody of their eyes and avoid sin when they are slobbering after you or saying "Good God, on what planet did she think that looked good on her?"

I think we should model our Catholic Faith at all times. We should always strive to dress appropriately; whether in Church or out of it.

That said I want to take a moment, with the help of Vincenzo, to give an example of what not to wear. Yes, his Catholicism is in full effect, but, well, Ray, I'm sorry. You know I love you but this is too much...

Disclaimer: Ray just happened to be standing near the Basilica when a certain Parade passed by. This image is in no way a statement of his sexuality. Love the hat, babe!

I'm leaving town.


Unknown said...

C'mon, Cath! Give a guy a break if he wears a statue of the Blessed Mother? People keep asking me where I got it and I'm happy to give them the address of Ax-Man Surplus on University Ave. The beads around my waist are a gauge to remind me if I put on a few pounds. And just in case the chicks on the street don't understand sacramentals, I do have that U.S. Catholic shirt on to use as a conversation ice-breaker for conversion conversations.

Isn't that being Catholic enough for you?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: You get extra credit for shopping at Axman. But. I'm still baffled. Howe er, I will say you are looking cut these days!

belinda said...

To complete the ensemble, Mr.Ray of Minnesoootaaaa needs his own fragrance. Anybody who's "made it" has their own special scent.

Unknown said...

Cath: Ax-Man is the best. I never go in there without dropping $1.25 for some essential thing that I desperately need. You like the new look, huh? Been working out heavy weights, quarter barrels of beer!

Didn't know that I had to have my own scent, Belinda. I thought Caddy Shack #4 was sufficient. I'll have to engage a parfumier.

belinda said...

Here you go Mr.Ray....

your welcome :)

Unknown said...


I am not worthy!!!

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

JSYK & BTW - I did post your all time fave comment at Larry's because, well those people were being redic.

Seriously, it kills me when people just pile on and offer nothing constructive. It seems as if they post in agreement, thinking that by posting they get some sort of indulgence.

It kills me... I just get frustrated when Catholics complain about something, but wont lift a finger to change it. It is totally about our entitlement culture, and less to do with their beliefs.

Btw- I sincerely want to but a Mary on a Chain necklace and just wear it.

BTW3 - can you have more than one btw in a comment?

belinda said...

Joe wrote,"It kills me... I just get frustrated when Catholics complain about something, but wont lift a finger to change it"

BTW, I agree
Wearing that Blessed mother statue will get you nothing but headaches from the protestants.... Just a friendly -"Heads up"

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Belinda: The weight of that statue will give you a headache-forget the Prots!
Joe: BTW-kidding
Ray: Really? A whole $1.25? Lol

Unknown said...


The last three times I have been in there I have purchased the following:

1. 2 clipboards for the Corpus Christi procession, .99 each.

2. Gray duct tape for my broken car window. 1.50

3. Something else for about 1.50.

belinda said...

Cathy, Maybe Ray is one of those expert shoppers. He must have used a coupon on a double coupon day to get such a terrific price. Way to go Ray!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Belinda: Ray just happened to be driving by! Don't let him fool you!

Larry Denninger said...

Ray - if you decide to move up on the colognes, I'd avoid these, okay?

Cathy - you're getting a lot of mileage out of my post!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

LarryD: I have no original ideas,ok? I think I need to bug Terry soon.

Unknown said...

Cathy's right, Belinda. It's not worthy driving to Ax-Man for something that you really need, unless you need a lot of them.

One day, some years ago, I was driving by and they two or three dozen heavy duty unbreakable, stackable, plastic crates with folding tops used by grocers to pack individual orders for delivery. $5 ea. You gotta have at that price. I bought five of them, gave two to a brother. Great for tools, spare computer parts, recreational stuff, etc. You just never know what you're gonna find at Ax-man.

I did need those two clipboards, though. And I did find them at a great price.

If you're looking for beakers and glassware for your chemistry lab, or plan to distill gin like on MASH, that's the place to go.

They don't have scents, though, Larry, certainly not like your.

I wouldn't last long if I used "Red Shirt!" I'm not very good at fist fighting if I used "Tiberius." Herersy, Schism and Sacrilege aren't up my alley. So you don't have to worry about me shopping there.

belinda said...

Ray wrote,"If you're looking for beakers and glassware for your chemistry lab, or plan to distill gin like on MASH, that's the place to go."
I'll remember that if and when my meth lab ever becomes a reality ;)

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

Is Ax-Man a $1 store?

We dont have $1 stores in AK. At least not here.

We do have a place called Bargain Basement. It is the 1st and 2nd story of a building. Is that Irony or Sarcasm?

swissmiss said...


Ax-Man is a surplus store (as opposed to a dollar store, which we have in abundance around here!)

Unknown said...

The best thing about Ax-Man is the entertainment in reading the descriptions they post on some of the stuff that is for sale. Much of it would have no known use for your average walk-in shopper because it is not obvious what it originally was used for, so Ax-Man lists possible uses for their merchandise, most of which are preposterous and outrageously funny.

But as my favorite comedienne says, "It could happen."

Probably half of their stuff is electronic parts that inventors would be seeking. Diodes, resistors, brackets, cases, switches, motors, etc. They've had an iron lung there for years, but it doesn't seem to sell.

Some office supplies, tapes, wire, screws, bolts, nuts, last years' calendars, pictures of George Washington, pens and other promotional items given out by failed businesses, etc.

Basically they will sell anything that they think they can make money on. And some of it does take a very long time to sell. But they have four outlets here; so they must be making money.

belinda said...

Ray wrote, "They've had an iron lung there for years, but it doesn't seem to sell."

Darned progress!!
Maybe some man could use it to store tools in his garage. Rakes etc...

My husband brought home a straight-jacket once because they were throwing them away at a job. I said, "Um, why do we need to keep this?" and he said, "I'm NOT throwing that away, there's a lot of good leather on it.... I threw it away but not before praying for the poor soul who must have worn it.

belinda said...

Sorry, sorry, but I just have to say my husband isn't weird- he's just a really frugal dork... He figured he could tie off tomato plants or maybe tie up his pants. I dunno... What would the neighbors have thought to see staight jacket pieces twirling in the wind holding up our tomatos?

Unknown said...

Belinda: RE: iron lungs

Iron lungs are one of the success stories of the twentieth century.

I grew up at at time, early 50s when polio was rampant throughout the country. Parents were terrified of losing their children. "Don't do this, you'll catch polio!" "Don't do that, you'll catch polio!"

Nobody really knew what caused polio. But they did know that children, and sometimes adults, all over the the country were catching polio.

My next door neighbor got polio. When I was in the hospital for having my appendix removed, I complained to my dad one day about the noise coming from the next room keeping me from sleeping. I didn't know that it was an iron lung keeping some kid alive. I was happy when they turned it off until I realized that the kid had died. I still feel guilty about complaining 55 years later.

Then came the Salk and the Sabin polio vaccines and polio almost disappeared overnight. My grade school was one of the first ones to get the vaccine.

When I was a freshman in college at the U of Minn., I had a part time job in the University Hospitals. On cold days, I walked through the corridors to get to my office. They were lined with iron lungs. I asked my boss why they had so many iron lungs. I knew that polio was a thing of the past. He told me that they were collecting them and sending the to South Korea where it was still a problem. We didn't need them any more in our country.

I was proud to be an American that day.

Just another mad Catholic said...

Well personally I try to wear a decent t-shirt outside of Mass with appropriate 3/4 length shorts; recently however I've found that I quite like wearing a short-sleeved shirt with the shorts or my full length trousers. Obviously I wear modest yet appropriate atire when I'm exercising on my bike.

Unknown said...

I went to a team leaders meeting at a nearby parish to talk about the big parish festival coming up in late September. I suppose there were about 40 of us there.

One of the 20-something attendees showed up exposing more cleavage than I have seen in a very, very long time.

And unfortunately, she was seated right between me and the speakers' podium.

"Keeping custody of the eyes" was extremely difficult.

Is that a sign of huge insecurity?

I was at a thrift store purchasing some ties a few weeks ago. One of the most beautiful women I have seen in a long time was in line in front of me at the counter. She didn't need to expose anything to attract men, believe you me. Yet, she exposed a tad.

Larry Denninger said...

Ewww! She exposed a tad?? That's just gross!