Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Minnesota State Fair will begin and my appetite for cheese curds will be satisfied. I LOVE cheese curds. Don't talk to me about health. If you see me heading to the booth on Dan Patch Avenue get the h-e-doubletoothpicks out of my way. Save yourself. My Dad will testify to my obsession. As soon as I get in the gate I have to go to the cheese curd booth first and before I leave I hit it again.

The booth on Dan Patch is the best. The Food Building booth is horrible, the one by the Grandstand near Como gates is a poser.

Cathy's motto: "If you are going to eat yourself dead of a heart attack; go quality or go home" Words to live by. Yes, live! Tell your cardiologist to stuff it.

Love yas! Cath

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swissmiss said...

Thursday morning and we are getting ready to make our way to the fair. Mini-doughnuts for me, along with a twist cone from the dairy building. Visit my aunt at her booth, then wander where ever our little hearts desire!