Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Gosh, doesn't everyone bring their statues of The Virgin with them to the beach?" - Cathy of Alex


belinda said...

I usually leave mine in the car but it's actually a smooth move on Cathy's part 'cause she can use it to blog those harmful UV rays. Mary statues are like an SPF one hundred!
I never call Mary by her first name it feels disrespectful. I always call her blessed mother except for this one time. But my word verification is blesid so I retract my "Mary" to say Blessed Mother.

- I can't get by with anything.

Anonymous said...

I hear she wears it on a chain, around her neck, so it doesn't get away from her when she's in the waves. Sorta like a Miraculous Medal. A really LARGE Mir. Med.

btw, it leaves a really cool tan mark.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I'm telling you The Virgin kept me from being stung to death by jellyfish in the Texas Gulf!!!!!

Gette and Belinda-ROFL!

Unknown said...

That's my technique, Gette! It keeps Rainbow Sash demonstrators away.