Friday, July 9, 2010

We are a Nation of Pansy Children

It used to an insult to call someone a pansy. Maybe it still is. I don't know and I don't currently care. Anyway, this is a short diary entry like rant about my 4th of July weekend (last weekend for my non-U.S. readership because I want to be global and all that and not confuse nationalism with patriotism blah, blah, blah)

Went swimming, tubing, water skiing. I marveled at how wimpy some of my cousin's kids are. Good grief. None of them can swim. They all have to wear life jackets even wading in the water AND surf shoes because of the rocks and STUFF in the water (waaah, waah), WTH?! Honestly, why not just put them in a bubble and push that out? Even water skiing for kids now is this set of skis that are bolted together with a rope attached to them. It was so bizarre to me. Then someone has to HOLD the other end of the rope in the boat-you can't attach it. That's so if they fall they don't get dragged. Uh, hello, most people learn after one time to let go of the dang rope if you fall.

We are a nation of pansy children. I'm sorry but it was insane (amentior!). When I was a kid we learned on a shorter set of skis but there was none of this goofy drama. Two of my little 2nd cousins got on the huge tube together and my cousin drove the boat dead slow. Two of the girls fell off and screamed like they were going to die. It was so bad that my cousin and I (I crap you not) had to jump in and get them. Did I mention they had life jackets on? Did I mention there are no sharks in inland waters in South Dakota and the last lake sturgeon attack was probably 3 centuries ago? I rode the tube and proclaimed watch an old chick like me do it and see how easy it is. Good grief.

When I came home from the hospital my Mom held me in her lap. It's a miracle I survived. Now, I think 15 years olds have to be in car seats.

That's all.


belinda said...

Yep, your right about everything you wrote..

Keep in mind there are lawyers who need work and are waiting for any miss-hap. You've also got SRS who will call you in on the carpet if anyone acquires any unaccountable fractures or bruises perhaps even accountable ones as well. Would you want to risk that? You've also got school counselors who would betray a parent in a heartbeat and don't forget disgruntaled teachers. Our local highschool watches every move a kid makes. I counted
17 cameras on the kids at all times-except in the bathrooms.

Parents feel the pressure. No one is allowed to get hurt and not for any reason. I let my son play with real drills, hammer, nails and a hand saw but then when he's finished playing I feel bad that I let him. How would I explain it if he got hurt? They would say I'm a bad parent. SRS won't understand.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Belinda: How else will he learn? I doubt you fail to monitor his use. I applaud you.

belinda said...

Thank you for your kindness Cathy. I don't know why your called cranky because you've been nothing but sweet to me.

Your post hit the mark alright but the pansey factor is really worse than you know.

No more dodge ball.
Blisters on the monkey bars?
- monkey bars gotta go.

Counselors talk constantly about feelings. Which isn't all bad but everything doesn't revolve around your kids feelings.

It's a physical and mental bubblewrap assult and from many fronts and all of the sources come with important titles and abbreviations.

Terry Nelson said...

"Thank you for your kindness Cathy. I don't know why your called cranky because you've been nothing but sweet to me."

Try sending her an email just asking a simple question.