Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Housewives of Minnesota

Episode 1 (Pilot) Synopsis:

Our Housewives are: Helen, Laura, Jan, Nikki and Emily.

Our housewives are virtually indistinquishable because they are real, right? And, implants, botox, lipo, daily nail appointments and skin tight clothes are alian concepts here; this is real!

Each of the housewives on a lark walks into Bloomingdales at the Mall (as I was writing this synopsis it occured to me that we have no real, large, local retailers left-is Herbergers even based in Minnesota anymore?)takes one look at the first price tag on a random item in the Women's Department, laughs uproariously, shakes head and runs straight to SuperTarget.

The ladies, who all know each other (of course), try to schedule a lunch but it doesn't happen because between kids, husband, work, pets, in-laws, life and other events they can never agree on a time or date that works for everyone. Because they can not include everyone, they just don't meet for lunch-ever.

When they talk they are always on their cell phones in the minivan as their kids scream in the background; except for Emily who the other gals secretly hate because she is single (divorced) no children.

Nikki thinks Helen's husband is hot. She doesn't say so but we see her drooling on camera, either that or the surgery didn't work.

All the housewives are pretty similar and this show is so boring that it was not picked up-even Oxygen laughed it out the screening room.


Larry Denninger said...

I'd watch this. I secretly like trashy TV.

Although...I guess it's not a secret anymore.

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

Do they make Real Housewives of Minnesota lunch pails?

Wait, do they still make lunch pails?

Wait, would my wife be mad if I bought a lunch box with another housewife on it?

Wait, would she stop making my lunch?

This is a vexing problem.

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

Wait, should it just be: "This is vexing?"