Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lights Out!

A true story...settle in kids!

Last Saturday it was a dark and stormy night: gale force winds, tornado warnings, sirens going off, rain, thunder, lightning, wall to wall weather coverage, I was in my basement with my severe weather gear and my cats. You know just another humid summer night in Minnesota!

Anyway, Bede emailed me on the day after (Sunday) to say her big suburban Catholic parish had no power at the first Mass! Lights out!

"Gosh, Bede, were the liturgical dancers unable to go on?" (mock concern)
"Now, Cathy, you know we only have liturgical dance at certain times of the year! In any event, if they'd been scheduled, they are professionals and I'm sure they would've still interpreted the Scriptures! Rather than long flowing scarves, they would've carried flashlights or lanterns!"

Thus, came to a disappointing end my brief moment of happiness wherein I lived in a world where I recommended turning the lights out at parishes to stop people who couldn't make dance line in high school from doing Tai Chi and Yoga poses as The Word is proclaimed.

Oh, well, back to the circuit, er, drawing board!

The End.


swissmiss said...

Since the boys were gone for the weekend, my daughter and I were in the basement too, safe from Liturgical Dancers.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Nice 'shop V! Heh.

Larry Denninger said...

Even without power, Liturgical Dancers can still trip the light fantastic.