Friday, July 16, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Belinda
"I saw a very large young man wearing glasses and jean shorts down to his knees which nearly touched the top of his tube socks strolling through the lingerie department with his sister, mother girlfriend, wife or significant other and all the while looking at bras and  making suggestions about style, comfort, and fit. He made himself at home and commented about everything she looked at as she  asked for his opinion  repeatedly. (Which in MY opinion wasn't worth squat.) Naturally I wanted to hurl right then and there but not wanting to cause a scene I simply gave him the death stare, and my personal favorite- The "WTH" is your problem", stare.
I don't ever want to see  men in the ladies department. I don't care if your with your wife, grandmother or best buddy. You don't belong there and what would you know about comfort and fit? If you want to buy these things for you wife order it on line.  Now if your ordering online for yourself, your brother in law, your mom or even for your girlfriend then I still have a problem with you but then that would  be an entirely  different post.."


Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

I am uber UBER jealous that Belinda got the SteamPunk Puter o extraordinaire!!!

As long as one day I get one about a post I do and the Farnsworth... I will let this stand.

Actually...Belinda prolly deserves the STeamPunk Puter for this post.

belinda said...

I love the steampunk computer!

Vincenzo said...

I want one.