Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three's Company!

Weird dream's by Vincenzo.

I (Vincenzo) had a dream that you, me, Swissy and Bret Favre were in the Three's Company apartment and Mr. Roper told me I was a lucky guy.

I, Cathy, said two things:

"Mr Roper said that as you were unloading a trailer full of food implements that you expect me and Swissy to use while we cook for YOU!"
"Bret Favre was there as a sign that the Vikings are going to defeat the Cowboys again this year and Swissy and I will score some more cookies from you this year!"

Later, it occurred to me to wonder why Swissy's hubby and kids were not in Vincenzo's dream and that I bet Mr. Roper looked like Ray.

I also just want to see what visuals Vincenzo will come up with for this!


swissmiss said...

We won the bet, but V was the one who got Wookie Cookies.

There is no justice.

I think Favre was in the dream to tweek someone's conscience ;)

belinda said...

I hope Vince prayed for all of the souls he dreamt about!!

Vincenzo said...

Good idea Belinda.

belinda said...

i just now noticed that you wrote something I said on your side bar. I'm flattered. I didn't think what I said was anything special at the time. It's cool that it meant something to you.

Vincenzo said...

Yeah that was cool. You often write profound things IMO.

belinda said...

Thanks for your kind words. My family wouldn't agree. hahaha

I'm frozen over at my blog. I had a migraine last week - for three days and now I'm having trouble starting up again because of my anxiety. I keep reflecting upon the stuff I've written and I think - wow, that's just crap.

Bruce Jenner has irritated me again, but I don't think people wanna hear about it. I can't believe the things he says to his daughters.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Belinda and Swissy: Good points.

Belinda: Save yourself from the Kardashians!

belinda said...

Cathy I think I'm going to write Bruce a letter. I will discuss the dignity of man and the sanctity of marriage and how to take back the pants that his wifes been wearing.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

While you are at, mention to him that he needs a new plastic surgeon!

belinda said...

Okay Miss Cathy, I'll mention the divine Surgeon.