Friday, September 3, 2010

Father Z Pinpoints The Vortex in Kansas City

Father Z at the Radio Sabina Broadcast Center

Father Z writes:

"In Kansas City – all within a few blocks of each other – you will find:
  • The Chancery of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
  • The HQ of the National Catholic Fishwrap... errr… Reporter
  • The chapel of the SSPX, St. Vincent’s"

Father Z With Friend Richard C. Hoagland in Front of the National Catholic Reporter Building

"You know about the Bermuda Triangle, right?  Stuff went in and never came out again!

My friends and I are convinced that were to to find the exact epicenter of the ecclesial forces at work between these three coordinates, you would encounter…


Go to the exact center and you never come out..."

"...Then it was time to draw the intersecting lines from each angle to the midpoints of the force vectors to get a high-precision exact pin-pointed location.  We had to measure to find the exact mid-points."

"I have added some red lines to help you see what we found…. yes… a Scottish Rite MASONIC TEMPLE just slightly to the SW of the SSPX Chapel! See?  See?!?... The anti-ecclesial force vectors emanating from the Masonic lodge so close to the SSPX chapel are just strong enough to weaken its influence!  Therefore the anti-pull and retrograde-polarity exerted by the NCRyes, the NCR and not the SSPXwas able to dislocate the epicenter of the forces slightly in its favor, thus shifting the location of…



Kathryn said...

I never knew who Richard Hoagland was until this post! You learn something new every day. Guess I need to brush up on my conspiracy theorists.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

No matter what happens or where you are, always have that Pope Pius clock handy!

swissmiss said...

I always knew the squirrels were to blame.

Unknown said...

Fr. Z must have had a facelift. He looks just like a guy who used to have the top overnight talk radio on things ethereal and extra-terrestrial.

I was and am a huge fan. Very entertaining when you can't sleep. Sadly he's not on regularly any more, but then I don't have sleep problems any more either.

He is on occasionally, broadcasting from his home in the Philippines.