Thursday, November 25, 2010

German pensioner bricks himself into his own cellar

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – A German pensioner who wanted to seal off the entrance to his cellar ended up bricking himself into it, a police spokesman told Reuters on Thursday.

The senior citizen from Jena told police he only became aware of the mistake once his handiwork was complete, which police described as "pretty stupid" in a statement.

After camping out in the cellar for several days he resolved to free himself by knocking down a wall, but chose to demolish his neighbor's wall rather than the one he had just put up.

The man had been at loggerheads with his neighbors for some time and they informed the police when they heard drilling noises. The police were waiting for the pensioner when he made his great escape and have now launched an enquiry.

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

My goodness! I have painted myself into a corner by accident, but walled in?