Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun for You!

Looking for something to do without the people you only see once a year and can barely tolerate? Are you unable to watch one more minute of football? Is the thought of sitting thru another parade insufferable? Do the Malls terrify you? Is staring at the leftover turkey and wondering if you should make soup from it giving you a headache? Do you want to do something that is both fun and thoughtful?

Now, here, at long last, is a game you can play alone! Uncle Curt is probably already passed out drunk on the couch so don't worry about offending him because you didn't ask him to join you. This game will amuse you. It will create opportunities for personal decisions. It has no wrong answers. It will not tax your knowledge.

Be your own Magisterium!

A Vincenzo and Cathy joint!

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1 comment:

belinda said...

So I get to make up all the rules myself?!
I'm giddy from the possibilities!!

Oh wait, this is a trap right!? The game ends with me all drunk with power, bloated and dying from a brain hemorrhage...right!?

Oh, wait there are no right answers....