Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonka the wombat depressed without cuddles

Tonka the common wombat became depressed after Townsville's Billabong sanctuary closed due to the aftermath of Cycline Yasi. Donna Kilpatrick, 16 and Jayden Doevendans, 16 give Tonka a cuddle. Picture: Megan Taylor
  • At first depressed behaviour a mystery
  • "Forked out serious cash" in vet bills
  • "After the cyclone he missed the public"
A WOMBAT has been diagnosed with depression - after being denied the cuddles and pats he was used to following Cyclone Yasi.
The wombat, named Tonka, shed 20 percent of his body weight as visitors were stopped from visiting his wildlife park home in the eight weeks after Cyclone Yasi tore through northern Queensland, reported the Townsville Bulletin...

h/t to Suzanne

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belinda said...

ewww, it would have to curl up and die before I ever came near it - with a shovel.

Just like the mama skunk living under my front step.

Shhhh, be very quiet when you ring the door bell.