Friday, September 7, 2012

Warwick woman accused of training pet bird to swear at ex-husband's new girlfriend

By Mike McKinney
 Lynne Taylor (center) with her lawyer, Stephen Peltier, of Cranston (left) and prosecutor Kerry Rafanelli.

(Providence Journal) WARWICK, R.I. -- A year-long dispute has landed two neighbors in court.

At issue: Willy's the cockatoo's salty language.

In court documents, Kathleen Melker of 55 Harris Ave. asserts she was within earshot of Willy, her neighbor's pet, when he repeatedly called her "whore." The incident, she says, punctuated an acrimonious relationship with Lynne Taylor of 51 Harris Ave. that she says included Taylor pelting rocks over the fence and threats to capture Melker's cat and "drown it in the Bay." No charges have been filed.

Taylor -- and Willy -- are now being accused in Municipal Court of violating the city's animal-noise ordinance. Taylor's lawyer Thursday argued the ordinance is vague and unconstitutional; the judge denied Taylor's request to dismiss the case.


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