Sunday, December 18, 2011

Woman chooses pet crocodile over husband

An Australian woman, Vicki Lowing, says she divorced her husband after he asked her to give up her pet crocodile, Johnie, which she says is ‘like a child' to her.

(Confucious Institute Online) WHEN Johnie the croc wants walkies, her owner makes it snappy. 
Johnie - a female - rules the roost at the Lowing home. 
Her favourite time of the day is meal time, the Herald Sun reports. 
"She's just like a cat or dog in that she knows when the fridge door opens there is a good chance of a snack, so she shuffles in for a feed," Vicki Lowing said. 
Chicken wings are her favourite, along with whiting and red meat. 
Ms Lowing said her son Andrew, 15, and Johnie, 13, experienced sibling rivalry. 
"Sometimes Andrew goes to have a shower after school and Johnie's already in there and not keen to share the space," she said. 
Andrew turns on the cold water tap and watches the cranky croc beat it....

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