Saturday, June 11, 2011

Frog Secretions May Treat Diabetes, Cancer

(Fox News) Scientists in Ireland accidentally discovered that frog secretions could potentially treat up to 70 diseases including cancer and diabetes, The Daily Mail reported.

The scientists, from Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland, were doing research on the waxy monkey frog, which hails from South America, when they found proteins in its skin secretions hold properties that can control the growth of blood vessels. This is known as angiogenesis.

“By switching off angiogenesis and inhibiting blood vessel growth, a protein from the waxy monkey frog has the potential to kill cancer tumors,” said Professor Chris Shaw of Queen’s University. “Most cancer tumors can only grow to a certain size before they need blood vessels to grow into the tumor to supply it with vital oxygen and nutrients. Stopping the blood vessels from growing will make the tumor less likely to spread and may eventually kill it.”

Shaw said the researchers found that secretions from the giant firebellied toad – which is native to China and Viet Nam – actually stimulates blood vessel growth, and this could treat conditions like diabetic ulcers, strokes and repair wounds.

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