Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Kind of Meat

I knew for all these years that there was a reason I always avoid eating at Taco Hell, er, Bell. Sure, you get cheap "Mexican" food but it's cheap because I've long defied anyone to tell me what that thimbleful of brown crumbles in the bottom of that desiccated taco shell really is.

It appears it's water, "binder and fillers" and I kid you not: "isolated oat product". Do Matthew McConaughey and Sam Elliot need to sue someone? Because apparently beef isn't for dinner, lunch or breakfast at Taco Hell.

Binder and fillers? What is that? Factory code language for cow testicles and Minnesotan for Spam?

Why are the oats so lonely? Isolated? What the heck does that mean? Grown in an urban farm away from the asphalt?

And Taco Bell has the cojones (hey, that's what it is!) to be righteously indignant over the lawsuit filed recently about the lack of actual beef in their meat? On what basis are they upset? Now they have to publicly admit it's crap? (hey, is that the filler?)

Don't think outside the bun, think about eating somewhere else. Here at Amentior we may indulge in foods that are loaded in fat and probably are not good for your cholesterol and heart but we like to think that when we eat poorly we eat quality unhealthy food!


belinda said...

I wonder outloud if these foods aren't messing with our brain chemistry and making people crazy.

Vincenzo said...

Belinda, probably.